Our Story

MELTS Protein

Hi, Everyone!  This is Mark “D”, Kathy’s husband, co-founder of MELTS, and this is our story. Like most successful companies which start at home,  ours is no different. The kitchen is where MELTS was born.

 Besides being an incredible mom and wife, Kathy is a personal trainer, with a passion for fitness and healthy living. Her work ethic is off the charts, just ask anyone who trains with her.

    We were living in Carlsbad and Kathy was training a group of female high school athletes. They endured hours of practice daily, a full load of academics, then off to Kathy for personal training, preparing themselves for college athletics. I also train and coach baseball players who, like Kathy’s athletes, needed a little extra something to get through their workouts .  Needless to say, they came to us depleted and left us even more depleted.  Kathy wanted everyone to have the energy to get the most out of their training and sought out a solution.


Then It Happened...

Kathy’s athletes were always on the go and nutrition was not part of their regiment. The girls would often complain that they simply did not have time to get a good meal or healthy fuel to keep them going strong and many times would stop and eat the notorious junk food. This did not sit well with Kathy and she knew she had to come up with a solution.

Kathy realized they needed a little help with their energy and literally took to the kitchen to create her masterpiece.  After a brief discussion, we found the name MELTS was a no brainer because our healthy, tasty snack literally MELTS in your mouth and the unique meltiness of our product requires refrigeration or freezing before eating.

 The kitchen turned into a slight war zone with whole oats covering the counter,  organic coconut oil and whey protein adding to the slight mess. Add a few tasty ingredients and boom MELTS is born! Kathy poured her concoction into a square-shaped mold, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes and the best tasting protein snack ever had been created. No more chalky or chewy protein bars. MELTS is the real deal that hits that sweet tooth, curbs that late night craving and is great with coffee in the morning. Low calories, low sugar and tasty ingredients add to what we call our “O.G.”, original goodness.